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KA BJ 43 23917
It's one of those manumatic Magnettes that haven't been converted-back. Recent barn find, previous owner claimed manumatic worked when parked ;). it has been rolled out of the barn for inspection, usual rust...maybe more, will require much metal fabrication. obvious repaint.
Scott Potter, Texas


KA B 43 18582
Here's a picture of our 1957 ZB.It has had the original engine replaced with a MGA 1500 at some point in its past. Before it adopted us it had been off the road approx. 15 years according to the old registration. We are currently working to turn it into a reliable driver- then we'll start working on the cosmetics. Safety Fast, 
The Woolf Family, Charlotte, NC, USA


 KAA 23 18721

Now owned by Franklin Sprafke in Rhode Island, and fitted with an MGA 1600 engine


KA T 43 31870

Now owned by Richard Farrell


Ebay 01/2008: "It is a parts vehicle, it is beyond restoration. The front grille seems in fairly decent shape. The engine turns over, and looking into the oil fill in the valve cover, the rocker assembly is still shiny. The engine and drive train appear complete and intact. The interior is in very bad condition, as is the frame and anything that was in contact with the ground for many years. The front bumper is inside the car, but is missing all of the chrome."


KA B 43 19078

Rescued from a scrapyard in CA. in 2015 and will be dismantled for parts.


KA L 41 31911
Was for sale on ebay in 12/2004. Now belongs to Allen Bradley, Louisiana.


KA B 43 19082
One of three Magnettes on a junk yard in New Jersey, USA, found by Pete Wilson.


KA L 41 31929
Was for sale on ebay in 11/2002. Now belongs to John Kreimer from Woodstock, GA who will restore her to former glory.


  KA L 43 19129
Seen on ebay 02/2004


KA L 41 31931

5M supercharged 1800. T9 5 speed


KA A 43 19171
This came to me as a parts car, but it has a title, and is mostly complete. It is missing Head radiator, hood, right rear quarter panel, and some chrome trim. Tacoma imports sticker on the cowl, with sales date in 1957. On the rear window it looks like it had a university of Oregon sticker on it. The car had been parked in a barn since 1978 ish. It is the stock color but has been repainted. Tobias Robinson, Oregon, USA


KA A 41 31946

As far as I can tell I am the 3rd owner. I know that the car was originally deliverd to a dealership in Conneticut. 



KA A 41 31962
Named "Nettie" by previous owner, Morry Cohen, of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania who sold her to me in 2000. Originally one of perhaps six Manumatic ZBs imported to the US in 1958. Due to her first owner's frustration with this dubious feature, she ended up in a Pennsylvania junkyard circa 1960,remaining for 25 years before being discovered by Jerry Goguen, then owner of Abingdon Spares of Walpole New Hampshire, and the most complete MG Museum in North America in Westminster Vermont. Nettie was cosmetically restored and placed in the museum for another 14 years. She can be seen in an interview with Mr. Goguen in the video "MGs Across America". She was sold when Mr. Goguen began disposing of the museum and ended up in the hands of Mr. Cohen. To this day, she shows only 15,000 miles on her odometer although her original engine and manumatic transmission have been replaced. Allen Bachelder, New Castle, Virginia, USA.



KA A 13 19185
Inported in 1966  RH drive All original and will be kept that way except for needed bodywork and paint.


KA A 41 31966
This ZB belongs to Ted and Susan Hight, Orchard Lake, Mitchigan. Adding it to his collection of MG's


KA_ _ 19255


KA T 43 19486
I've attached photos of the Magnette, as it sat behind Don Peery's shop, the day Don and I hauled it to over to my house. As you can see it's not in the best of shape but hopefully I can find enough body panels and advise here and there to make it right again.
Hiram Kelly from Oklahoma, USA


KA A 43 19640
One of three Magnettes on a junk yard in New Jersey, USA, found by Pete Wilson.


KA C 41 32278
Ebay 11/2008: 1958 MG MAGNETTE ONE OWNER CAR – UNIQUE! What is impressive about this car is that it is a 1 owner car, completely original, that has always been garaged and kept on the road. Notice the August of 2008 inspection sticker on the windshield!
This car (Johanna is its nickname by the way) was purchased brand new by Sven, a New England attorney, who took delivery of it in England and drove it all over Europe on his 3 month honeymoon trip. The car was then transported to the States and it was kept on the road by its loving owner ever since until unfortunately Sven passed just a few months ago. Mackay’s Garage obtained the car from the owner’s widow and made some mechanical improvements (new battery, starter solenoid, rebuilt carbs, flushed the gas tank). But other than that, this car is as original as it gets! Original paint, original motor, original interior, etc. The car is road-worthy and will pass inspection! It runs and drives great, and all the lights work properly!
Other than some body issues with the rockers (which can be replaced with brand new parts still made in the UK) and the right rear quarter panel (the fender was hit at one point and repaired back in 1961), this car doesn’t have any major issues. The floors are totally solid, the doors swing and shut perfectly, the bottom of the trunk strong. The motor runs great!


KA B 43 19975
I acquired the car in January 2005 from a gentlemen who rescued it from certain destruction. It has undergone restoration to the body as well as a rebuilt engine and transmission. It appears to have spent its entire life in very dry climate of the southwest US so rust was at a minimum. I plan to continue his efforts to bring the car back to as original condition as possible. The car is used daily and is responding very well to continuous use. 
Ed Geissler, texas, USA


KAC 43 25323

Purchased the car locally from a 20 year owner. Will restore into 'fun driver' condition and enjoy with my family.
Pete Mantell, IL


KA A 41 32557
Owned by Curt Hoffmann, Ohio, USA


KA A 41 11373



 KAA 41 11378

Now owned by Frank Kennedy in Maryland


KA B 43 20210
This car was for sale by it's current owner Aaron Spalding of Atlanta, GA. in 11/2003. Now owned by Wray Lemke,Mt. Pleasant, SC


KA _ _ 25462
It came from Illinois. Two tone gray, (not a veritone) with minator wheels.
Tom Baumgardner


KA A 13 11439

Now owned by Ray Holtzapple in Texas (previously owned by Jiim Basque)


KA J 43 20327


Unites States of America KA  E 43 11492
Rusting away in Firebaugh, CA, United States


KA AA 13 32710

Seen on ebay: The car was imported from the UK in 1988, and kept by the same owner until recently, He brought the car to Tampa Florida and used the car up until 1994, when he took the car off the road to restore the vehicle to its former glory, it has been dry stored over the last 22 years and has had the interior completely redone to a very good standard, all though he never got round to the body work, Car starts on the button, and Chrome is excellent.


KA L 41 32776
This ZB was on ebay in 2/2005. It's not an original colour scheme, but it looks very elegant, like a small Bentley...


KA T 43 25779
Was for sale on ebay 12/2003 now in the hands of Richard Schaeffer (2006).



LA L 41 32990
This car was put away in a barn in Kentucky in 1976, and just pulled out in the summer of 2008. Although the paint is in poor condition, the car overall is very original and should make for an excellent restoration project. It was purchased in the UK, driven, and then shipped to California by the original owner. The car has all matching numbers and documented history including the MG warranty certificate, original UK license plate, shipping invoice, and the name and address of every owner since new. I promised to keep the most recent owners updated on my progress and drive it back down for a visit once it's complete.
Mark Michalak, Chicago, IL



KA A 41 32954
When our ZA 13540 ate its main bearings, we faced a expensive engine re-build. Desperate, we tried the rusty engine in our $400, 65k mile, purchased-for-bits, derelict ZB 32954. It started and ran as if parked 10 days not 10 years! Painted, polished and purring, the ZB engine was transplanted into our ZA. Lucky to have an organ donor on hand! 
Neal & Kathy Yates,Connecticut, USA


KA J 41 33003

Originaly sold by Montclair Motors in Montclair, NJ


KA J 41 33004
Seen on on ebay in 7/2010


KA J 41 33013
Seen on
ebay in 7/2010


KA L 13 26346
RHD Home market car. At one time was owned by a Royal Navy officer who appears to have brought the car to the US. Car was purchased off eBay out of North Carolina where was supposedly still running eight years ago. Has roof damage where a tree branch fell on it during an ice storm. Will need lots of restoration! First owner a Lt. Cdr. Troke RN. Bought from Strood Motors, Rochester.
Neal Sellars, Texas, USA


KA A 43 12321
Was for sale in 03/2004


KA __ __ 33028
Seen on
ebay USA February 2008 (ZAB 33028)


KA TT 43 33043

1958 Magnette ZBV, came from factory to US July 1958 Island Green/Island green with Whitewall Tyres --restoration finished in 2010.

Wayne and Dee Johnson


KA C 43 26561
Another car owned  and rescued by Wray Lemke,Mt. Pleasant, SC


KA T 43 26668
My dad and I bought this car with intent to use it for endurance rallies and long distance driving. It had been fitted with a 3-main 1800 engine and 3.9 rear end by a previous owner, and I added disc brakes and headers. Unfortunately after one season of driving and two endurance rallies, the car has been retired. At some point in its life it suffered major structural damage due to rust, and it had been poorly repaired and covered up. It may someday see the road again, but not soon. Mark Michalak, Chicago, USA



KA A 31 33170
 Original owner purchased the car new in May 1958 in GB for use while in the service. Returned to the USA in March 1960, and remained in the family as a family car for fun outings and daily driver use until the owner died in 1988. It had the motor replaced with a Gold Seal engine in 1968 with the odometer showing over 90,000 miles.The original owner's daughter took the car with her to Ann Arbor Mi.in May 1988 where it remained in her hands until June 1995. The original Gold seal engine required a rebuild with the odometer showing 15,000 (obviously 115,000 miles) which is not much use from a "factory rebuild" ,only 25,000 miles.  Ms. Lane stated she and her children learned to drive in this car, so she didn't like to part with it. 
I now have the car and will continue bringing it back to life.  
Wayne Hardy, Texas, USA




KA B 41 33180
I have owned my Magnette since 1977. I have always maintained it as best any one can. Six years ago I parked it in the garage and left it untouched for the 6 years. We were beginning a family and they needed me more than the Magnette.  In January 2002 I decided to get the Magnette back on the road. It took about 6 hours, separately, to get it back up & running. This car is mostly complete with as much original as possible. The picture of the Magnette and myself are at my 45th birthday . Buckey in AZ.



KA E 43 12864
ebay 9/2008:
1956 MG Magnette ZA This car was restored over 10 years ago. I bought this car from a MG dealer and I don't know much history except it was completely restored to a very nice level and then it sat out with a tarp over it for years.


KA L 43 26699
I am the fifth documented owner, and have the original dealer invoice from when it was sold new as well as every repair invoice since 1958.
Edwin Sweeny, USA


KA B 43 12866
Seen on ebay 09/2004


KA A 41 33322
Seen on ebay in 9/2008. Now in the hands of Bob Brownlow, Niles IL


KA J 43 12936
ebay 12/2004: "Very nice excellant parts car, and is pretty much complete. Body is in rough condition though from dents. This is an Arizona car, very little rust. This auto has been sitting for several years. Owner has owned this location for almost 40 years. Williams is the Gateway to the Grand Canyon. Very little yearly moisture. "


KA A 43 26866
Parts car purchased for $200 US several years ago. This one helps to keep the other two ZBs running. However, upon removing the engine and transmission recently, I determined that this car is salvageable. Allen Bachelder, New Castle, Virginia, USA.


KA A 41 33342
Seen on ebay in 11/2004. Starting bid 380 $


KABJ 43 26941
Now owned by Doug Foster in Portland, Oregon, who acquired it from Gene de Ruelle in Nevada, 2016. Other owners include Stephen Taylor


KA C 41 33597
Clara, as my wife Sherie has named her, sat in the desert outside of Quartsite Az.for 40 years. All of the rubber and interior pieces are bad, but very little rust.We will restore her and have started on that project. Dave Wahl



KA J 41 33770
Attached is a photo of "Maggie". Loyal and trusted companion of Arthur and Allye Kranish of Chevy Chase, Maryland. 
Laid to rest after a long bout with cancer at the Frendship Auto Graveyard in New Jersey. Rest in Peace.
Best Regards,Pete Wilson



KA LL 43 33819
I bought the car almost 2 years ago from a NAMGAR member in New Mexico. A new wiring harness was installed and most mechanical systems have been rebuilt to make the car a safe and reliable driver. It has a 5-main MGB engine, early B-transmission, and a 3.9:1 rear end ratio. I absolutely love this car.  Paul Casarona,USA


KA A 43 27205
This car was for sale on ebay in Holtsville, NY, United States. The buyer wrote:
It  has the original paint and interior and looks to be an original car. It is rotten beyond repair. It seems as if someone really loved this car and I wonder what happend to it and why it so far gone. I was glad to save it to make sure that the parts get to those who need it to keep their's going. I've never seen a Magnette before and really am impressed at how regal they look in side. Rear arm rest between the seats and a clock above the mirror. Neat traficators and the knobs and switches for the heater are really cool. Now that I have seen this one I'd be interested in finding one without so much rust to add to my collection.


KA AA 43 33869
"Zoe" is owned by Charles Reece from Arizona. The previous owner brought the rusted body back to life. After short stints with two other less appreciate owners, she is finally in a home where she will receive all the proper car necessary for LBC. The new owner also has a 58 MGA Roadster, who is proud to have Zoe as his new little sister.


KA A 41 33878
This is my 2nd Magnette and was purchased as an uncompleted raggey project car from the estate of of Dick Macadoo approx. 7 years ago. It has been a steady effort --- I want a good looking driver, NOT a "show pretty"! I use the car regularly
Arch Boston, USA


KA C 43 27236
This car belongs to Brian Warmuth in USA. It is going to a basically a "to-factory-stock" restoration. There was absolutly no rust throughs in the body at all. So I have not had to replace any metal ...it's all factory panels throughout. The car came from california and had been stored for about 20 years when I bought it 4 years ago.Never sen road salt and I plan to keep it that way. I want this car to be even more of a survivor than it already is.


KA C 43 27252
This ZB is going tob e dismantled by Phil White and Charles Reece as the floor pans, rocker panels, lower doors and lower fenders are nothing but rust. They picked her on a weekend (2,400 mile round trip in four days!). More...


KA J 41 33951
Purchased in August 2002 from current owner Peter J. Wilson in South Jersey,USA. Excellent older restoration that has been in barn storage since 1989.  Dark grey color with maroon leather interior.
Now belongs to Joseph Iannacone


KA C 43 27257
The car was in a no-name storm in about 1986 in Florida and it was in a very bad condition when I bought it. It is now a Pro-Street car with a 1995 Ford V6 engine, but I ahve retained the stock body lines and chrome as it was in 1958. Read more...


KA C 41 33973
Here is the beginning photo of my restoration project. I was sold on it because it is pretty much rust free, although there are plenty of other issues to deal with. Wiring harness first, then rear-end bearings/ seals, wheel cylinders replace or rebuild all around, new hoses and brakes, and maybe if I am very lucky new dark red paint next year. Yes I will be having fun for a while. :-) Kim Roscher, Morgantown WV, USA, now in the hands of Edward Hindman, WV, USA


KA __ 33 34075
A basket case! Came home in six boxs+chassis. Restoration will be ongoing for many years.
Eric and Gina Nelson, Fort Bragg, CA, USA


KA TT 43 34208
Seen on ebay in September 2007 in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts


KA A 43 27419
"Maggie"  was built at Abingdon on Decemebr 16 &17, 1957 - and was dispatched to the USA on December 21st, 1957. She was in California her whole life until March of 2000 - when Tom Webb bought her had her shipped to Chicago, IL.


KA LL 43 34437
Seen on ebay in 4/2006


KA L 43 27577
Was for sale on ebay in Oct. 2002. Location Syracuse,US, Rochester. Meanwhile purchased by George Phelps (#14464) who brought her to Virginia, where she is giving her life so that other's might live.


KA B 41 34572

The car was painted over 12 years ago and less than one year the the paint fell off. It sat for over 10 years, so last year my wife said, " Strip the car and paint it again and get it back on the road." So last year I stripped it, primed it and had it painted again. I have been putting it back together this past summer and the engine is in the machine shop getting a redo. I have installed a Datsun 5 speed and painted it light green and dark green. James Jans

Installed a Nissan 5 speed, painted the bottom with a bed liner, new wire harness, new seat covers, carpet, headliner, two tone paint job- light green top, dark green bottom. Machined the '55 MG (ZA) on the intake manifold onto the "58 (ZB)intake then polished it.Hope to have it on the road late fall '04. Jim & Sharon Jans, Hood River, OR, USA



Now owned by Paul Evans in California



KA LL 43 34652
We found this wonderful little car upstate and brought it back to Mt. Pleasant, SC on the coast. The car sat for nine years before we rescued it. We had it running before we got it off the trailer. It has a new floor and is undergoing restoration but still has a long way to go. The rust damage was extensive.  All the original electrics work, even the clock. Wray and Susanne Lemke,Mt. Pleasant, SC



KA BJ 13 34686

Previously a UK car showing only 16000 miles, now owned by Hank & Cindy Mauel in the USA



  KA B 41 34784
1959 ZB Magnette acquired August, 2004. 74,000 miles, body is pristine perfect as the car apparently lived most of her life in Colorado
Steve Giannoni, Northport, NY,USA


KA T 41 34972
For sale in 1/2014


  KA L 41 35035



KA A 41 35361
I am the 5th owner of this car. This car was sold new in Seattle Washington by Rowland Motors. The Original Owner was Mr. D. Dyar of Seattle. I purchased this car on 23 Jan 2004 for $6500 U.S. from Mark Jones, Mark is partners with a Mr. Tom Mohle, who purchased the car from the original owner. All original tools, manuals and literature were supplied to me. I have all documentation going back to 1960, and can trace all owners including having met the Gentleman who sold the car new at Rowland Motors in Seattle in January of 1959. I had the car repainted at the restoration shop owned by the same gentleman who sold me the car – His partner, who does the mechanical side of the restorations, was the second owner and provided mechanical care for the car for the original owner, and her husband after she passed away. At one point during the painting process, four of the five owners of this car were together in the same room drinking wine and discussing her current state! She is now as she was then; 68 hp 1489cc, 4 speed (3 synchro) trans, trusty reliable drum brakes all ‘round and an absolute blast to motor in!
KAA4135361 is as original as our combined minds can achieve. Many thanks go to Lou Shorten and to Paul Barrow for bits, advice, encouragement and help. Along the journey, Gobby, the folks at NTG, Cecilia at Scarborough Faire, the folks who contribute to the bulletin boards and my dear friends at Autosport Seattle have all stepped in to play their part and contribute to the refurbishment – my gratitude to all! Steve Hanegan, Washington




KA C 41 35458
This car was rescued from a barn (chicken coop) that was soon to be torn down in northeastern Georgia (USA). My previously registered KAL41/31929 may become a donor car for this one, since it appears it may be too far gone.
John Kreimer, Georgia, USA




KA BB 43 35535
Dispatch date: 10/21/58. Now painted OEW over Light Grey
Mike Jacobsen, USA




KA BB 43 35539
Yesterday  a nephew (Alex), my brother in law and I travelled to Chaparal, New Mexico (from Arizona - 500 mile round trip) and purchased one rough '59 (late 58) ZB and the last remaining parts from 2 other '57 and '58 ZB's. I haven't decided yet, but I may attempt to restore the complete car and I will make available parts that I don't need to other enthusiasts at affordable prices to keep everyone rolling. Paid $1,800 US for the whole mess from one Louis Wolf.  Phil White, Arizona



  KA J 41 35644
Ebay 02/2008: Some history and clarification after talking with my sister-in-law. She bought it when she lived in Southern California from her boss in 1967. The engine is original and has been rebuilt when she had it (she remembered it was a 'valve job' but couldn't remember what else was done). Was reupholstered, restored and repainted close to 17 years ago and has been sitting in their garage til I bought it because the idiot painter "lost" alot of the chrome he took off. All receipts come with it including all the stuff she bought on her two trips to England to replace what had gone missing and receipts for stuff ordered from England. All the stuff was there and never put together. That's what I thought I would do but didn't get it finished. Now my house is on the market as of two weeks ago so that's why I decided to let it go…



KA LL 43 35906
A picture of Phil White's 59 ZBV from Arizona that he acquired in California. The PO had an accident and had been unable to care for her (like many, I call her Maggie). I do all my own work (half the fun of being an owner) and there has been a lot of it. She's back on the road now and running nicely. Originally blue, then racing green -- her PO painted her the varitone grey. I also have a '62 MGA MKll that she shares time with. Magnettes are wonderful personable autos!



KA __ 43 36374
Belonged to Jim Arps, Texas, now to John Shoemaker ,Pennsylvania, USA


KA L 41 36447

Purchased thru Gateway Classic Cars, Ft. Lauderdale, FL in June, 2017
John Botts


KA LL 43 36534
ebay 01/2008: all original, garage kept, not running, Motor disassembled


KA A 43 37667

Restored 1980 by Carroll Davis for daughter Peggy; won NAMGAR Premier 1983; purchased 2014 Roger and Lib Riggles; purchased Dan and John Suter Apr 2016.



KA TT 43 36735
Ebay 1/2012: This one still has its original singular 'Island green' cellulose paint ..This is a 'project'..unused for many decades ..and will consequentlky need fiull restoration..The car is very sound and solid with the exception of the floors ..all of which are thin (and have some holes) due to beinmg left outside for decades with the carpets and jute underlay in place ..the trunk floor also needs some metal work ..The lower front fenders and doors like rest for car have original paint and are free of corrosion ..the chromework is bright and solid..the interior is original and in very poor condition..all the leather cracked and dry..no attempt has been made to start the car, but the engine turns freely  ..recorded mileage (under 100,000) believed original



KA LL 43 36756
California Veritone last registered 1993. Lee Brannen was looking for an engine for his ZB when heI came accross this car.He restored it and it's now in the hands of Ray Andruk of Hanson MA U.S.A.
The car was shipped accross the US on an open 18 wheel truck and the driver said she got more attention than any other car he has ever shipped. Ray and his father are old MGB guys and this will be Ray's first 'family' MG.


KA BB 43 36791

Recently bought this car in Pennsylvania, originally registered in Washington State. Last on the road in 2002, suffered from poor storage since. Will bring it back to its original monotone grey. Fifth Magnette I have owned, including #23463 in this Gallery.
JIm Basque


KA AA 43 36820
Purchased in 6/02 after 21 years of non use, it now runs and drives. Hope to have total restoration complete by sometime in 2007.
Jim Barcley, Oregon, USA


KA AA 43 36830

Now owned by Frank Kennedy in Maryland (was previously in California for many years)


KA TT 43 36918
This restoration project belongs to John Swyers from USA. He wrotes:
The current (original?) motor is rusting in the trunk.  I will put a different motor in it until I make some headway on the restoration.


KA LL 43 36939
This much loved 1958 Red on Maroon Varitone is cared for and driven by Sue and Pockets Knipe of Camano Island, WA, USA.  Our Magnette was originally a monotone Varitone painted a pale blue-grey.  The previous owners include Mickey Harnett (SD) who restored her engine and electronics and G. W. Hardy (TX).  Sue & Pockets bought her in June 2009 and now enjoy taking her on the back roads of the Pacific Northwest.
Sue & Pockets Knipe



KA AA 43 36997
The previous owner inherited the car from his father-in-law  who was a professor of American Studies at the University of California in Santa Cruz and bought the car in 1962.
Now in the hands of Mark Hoyer, CA, USA




Now owned by Tristan Cook in Arizona, USA