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KA P C 43 21844
Seen on ebay in 03/2006: a rare manumatic car!


KA BA 13 21924
Bill Carruthers Varitone in Dumfries/Scotland.


KA TE 23 21932
This all white Varitone stays in Bangkok/Thailand, where it was delievered more than forty years ago. Here's more about the car.


KA TE 33 21933 
Kjeld and Elin Haugaard from Denmark owned this nice green/black Varitone .After he restored the car in 1998 the car won the Danish MG.Club Pride of Ownership 2000 and also the" Ray Cain Thropy" in 2001 (annual European Z-Magnette-Day). The car was first registerd on 12.04.57 and was only for use in the summer. Sold then...


KA PA 21959
First registered 12-04-1957.The car belongs to  Chris Neyrinck, Belgium. She is under restauration, and there is a lot of work to do.


KA H 6 21974
This is a '57 ZB used only for Sunday trips. It's a LHD painted in Moorland Green, with wire wheels, MGB engine and overdrive. Mr. Eddy Lepez is the fourth owner and lives near Brugge, Belgium.
(The letter H in the chassis no. indicates this car as a C.K.D. Finish = completely knocked down. These were assembled on their destination).


A J 3 22005
The Cornish Magnette Hunter Gobby from Cornwall found this Magnette for sale at a classic car dealer down in the darkest depths of west Cornwall. It looked complete but not sure as there were so many bits inside the car and the boot.


KA BJ 13 22026
This car was originally shown in the register in 2005 when, in an apparently semi restored state, it was advertised on ebay. I bought it 5 years later on ebay from a broker near Liverpool. In the intervening years someone had done a lot of work on it and it presented and ran well. The registration documentation said it had its original 1500 cc engine but in fact it was fitted with a gold exchange 1622 engine. I drove it from Liverpool to Paris without problem. The problems came a few months later: the motor exploded without warning and a loud bang while dawdling down a French country lane, ruining a summer evening out.
It is now fitted with an MGB1800 5 br engine and 5 speed gear box (thanks to Chris Betson at Octarine Services). It cruises beautifully and lives peacefully in semi retirement in Normandy .. .venturing out for the occasional rally ( this was the Rallye de Fougères in Normandy, May 2011) Ron Mc Innes


Sweden KA TT 33 22037
A picture as it  was when I bought it ca 1996. It still looks the same with some additional dust ...
Harald Sonesson



Various modifications by the previous owner for historic rallying, including uprated engine, overdrive gearbox and custom exhaust. Was originally a black single-colour Varitone but now green


KA PA 33 22081
Danish car. May 23rd 1957. First owner took it to Turkey, Spain, Berlin, Yugoslavia, Paris , Nordkap. Several owners.  Now belongs to Paul Dalkov, who as had it for 3 years as daily transportation.


KA AA 13 22087
I went to collect this car 'for spares' with my late father-in-law, Peter Tothill in late 2005, He had worked as a production engineer on the ZB and was always a fan. He sadly passed away in January this year. I purchased the car and have continued the restoration. It has an HRG Derrington cross flow head with SUH4's from an MGA. A derrington pattern exhaust and manifold. Brakes are servo'd and it has a 5 speed ford gear box and high ratio back axle. Seat are leather and from a Rover 45. It also has stalk controls (again from a 45 ) for the lights and wiper controls. it has 3 fuse boxes (6 in each), A fuel pump intertia switch is attached to the bulkhead. A britax folding sunroof .I have also fitted a pair of body mounted Cibie driving lights instead of the fod lights. I hope to finish it for MG Live 2013....... we shall see.
Dominic Taylor-Lane


KA J 24 2211
Fenton Loyola from British Columbia wrote:
Original colour was Dark Grey with Burgundy/grey interior. Now painted Old English White with tan interior. Bought in the factory (Abbingdon Dec 1954) toured Europe and then shipped to Sri Lanka.First registered in Sri anka 1955.  I bought it from the Original owner 15 years ago and shipped it to Canada. Has a metal/wood panelled dashboard with Jaeger instrumentation.


KA J 24 2214
See on ebay in 12/2006



This car has had at least 6 owners and 4 different registration numbers (partly due to confusion over chassis number), and was restored by John and Lou Shorten. It was purchased in 2018 by Donald Dalton from North Yorkshire, who has owned an MGB and other classics for many years


 KAH5 22248

Now owned by Nico Dippenaar in South Africa, who drove it as a student in the 1970s after it was bought by his father in Pretoria (previous owners Mr Clarke and Mr Granzier). The car was retired in 1984, then Nico began refurbishing it in 2014. Engine, gearbox and much of the car is original, and the only modifications are indicators and seat belts


Was delivered to the USA. During the 90's shipped to the Netherlands and stripped for restoration. The owner died and the car was bought in boxes from Udo Scheidemantel in Germany, who restored her. Belongs to Jutta & Jürgen Reinthal since July 2006 who enjoy to drive this lovely saloon in the countryside nearby.


KA A 23 22262
Car was originally black and exported when new in 1957 and registered as PF596. Returned to UK in 1960 and registered as XYX163. Used for historic rallying in the 1970's. Very heavily modified, MGB 1800 engine and gearbox with O/D. MGB front disc brakes, Avenger (we think) independent rear susspension, wide wheels, MGB master cylinders, Jag seats, race harnesses etc Just been put back on the road (2010) and will be used for historic rallying. Now painted in MG works colours of red with white roof. Subject of Popular Classics article in November 1992 "Preservation Order"
Simon Skidmore


KA A 13 22269



KA B 13 22287
Found somewhere on the web. If you recognize your car, please contact the webmaster.


KA J 43 22300
Bought off E-Bay. Came from West Virginia. Runs, and drives, but rusty.
Rob Meier, Ohio, USA


KA L 43 22319
As you can see from the picture this Magnette is pushed so far into the garage it has occupied for the last 28 years. It is my first car, purchased in 1964 as a 1958 model. I could not bear to part with it and now view it as a retirement project. 
Charles Young, Richmond,Virginia,USA


KA BJ 23 22348



KA BJ 33 22356
First registered 23.08.1957. 
1957 Dealer demonstration car in Basel (CH)
1958-1998 first owner
1995-1998 Restored 
since 1999 in the hands of Jean Marie Kohler


KA PC 33 22378
This Car was built 3-9 April 1957. Exterior in Ivory and Autumn Red and later repainted Black. It has not been in traffic for almost 40 years. It now has a new owner who will restore it.

Update 2017: Nowin forme glory and owned by Peter Lemke,Germany


  KA U 14 22404


KA A 43 22413
We've had this car for forty years and hate to part with it, but must do so. It is in Granby, Connecticut.  It is in tough shape now, having been stored for so long, but I'll bet that engine will still run. The rest may be only good for parts in the long run, but that depends on the eye and skills of the beholder. I hate to part it out, but may do so next month if there is no interest in it. Shudder at the thought- I have many happy memories of this auto.  Richhard Duggan


  KA _ _ 22456
I have just startedrestoring my Magnette bodyshell. having had various repairs over the last 30 years I decided to start with a clean sheet of paper and had the shell stripped and dipped at Surface Processing Ltd in Dudley. They advertise in most of the classic mags. The result is interesting as all paint, filler, underseal and unfortunately lead is removed. The clean bare steel looks at first glance as if it has been galvanised, but in fact is coated with soluble oil to protect the bare steel while welding is completed. My shell has now revealed all its secrets. So you can guess the list - chassis sides and sills, lower rear wings- lots to do before a return visit to SPL for the E- primer, electrically charged,fully immersed and then oven baked. A system now used throughout the motor industry. Further reports to come as I make progress. John Beesley,


KA J 13 22468

It was on display in a motor museum for 10 years up to 2005 and then for the last 10 years used lightly until i bought it. It is highly original throughout, and i love to drive it.


KA LD 43 22490
Bought car at a Palo Alto Ca. British car show from a man who lived in Sacramento, Ca.
Joel Johnson, CA, USA


KA E 34 22519
The car was rebiult 15 years ago and is still in good condition. The engine is still original. Runs reliably on the MG-meetings. Last winter I changed the diff. from 4,875 to 4,3. Makes the driving in 80-90 km/h comfortable. The picture is from a meeting this year together with my brother's MG TD. I am the 9th owner since the first registration the 13 October
1954 in Norrköping, Lars Tersmeden Sweden


KA CC 33 22522

This car was first registered in Sweden on 19.11.57 It was repainted with spraynozzle associated Electrolux vaccum cleaner in BMC original color during the sixtees. Owner since 1998 Anders Bäcklund


KA CC 33 22523
Car sold in Lidköping / Sweden to Mr Carl Magnusson. Old reg. nr. in Sweden R38897. Belonging to Mikael Falk of Belgium since summer 2004.


Netherlands KA _ _ 22543
Imported from Belgium in 1999, now in the Netherlands in the hands of Kees Wagemans.


KA T 33 22628
Purchased on eBay 12/2003 along with ZB Varitone KALA43 21266. Condition very rough, floors gone, but may help in restoration of the Varitone Scott Everett, New York, USA


 KAL 23 22635

Now owned by Franklin Sprafke in Rhode Island, but in need of full restoration (photo was taken at Abingdon in 1980)


KA J 13 22648
Seen on ebay in September 2007
This car was so rotten that I didn't buy it as a donor car! Perhaps I could get it for free but it was too bad.


KA BJ 13 22696
This Varitone has been converted to a Convertible and looks even without a hood fabulous!


KA BA 43 22704
Maroon and Black Varitone paint. Was in Colorado in the early 1970s and then stored in a Minnesota barn until July 2006. Needs extensive restoration work. Now belongs to John Gunnell, a car collector, automotive writer, historian and editor.


KA RG 13 22705
A very sad looking car that was advertised to give away for free but probably is scrapped now.


KA BB 33 22720
The car has got three previous owners  and has not been in traffic since 1976. I bought it in 1996 and I'm rrestoring it (slowly) since then. The car was in a very bad shape but almost complete,the only thing done with it in the past was a respray in a different color in the early 70`s.
It's finally time to update the info on my car, that has been under restoration for the past thirteen years. I'm now happy to tell you that the car is out on the road again for the first time since 1976. The engine has been replaced to an 1800 cc Morris MarinaTC engine since the original engine gave up it's breath during the first test run this year. A sudden short loss of oil pressure and all that work was for nothing...Also fitted with some nice 17" wheels...
 Mikael Thungren, Sweden


From chassis # 22738: Accelerator cable changed again


KA L  13 22751

One Family owned car from new until 2010. Stored from 1994 until 2010 when I purchased. Two years restoration with incl. disc brakes, indicatoers and seat bealts.Two tone paint in steel blue and mineral blue. Not original as it's not a Varitone, but looks great. Now in the hands of Roger Mayes.


KA TE 43 22809
Was until 1970 in first owners hands, then the son took over. But he lost interest. Was on ebay 10/2004. Now in Louisiana.
Won best of show 2010, British Motoring Club New Orleans. Took 2nd place at NAMGAR GT 35 at Lake Delavan, WI. 2010, after restoration by Cliff Hughes


KA PC 13 22850
John Brumpton's Varitone after a several years restoration.


KA PC 13 22856
First registered May 57 sold by Universal motors grosvenor square London been off road between 1982 - 2011 spent most of its time in London Oxford and South


KA PA 43 22861
A '57 ZB Varitone Magnette for sale in Tucson, Arizona. Apparently it lived in Nogales, Az just across the border from Mexico. Rust in all the right places - not too bad except rockers -  Damaged glove box and upper dash. Rough paint, but is the original (Ivory over black). Interior is rough. 


KA A 13 22867
Essex Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA A 13 22868
Essex Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA A 13 22869
Essex Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally

Essex Police car black/maroon prop. scrapped
picture taken from M.G.'s on patrol by Andrea Green, photo: Laurence McNally


KA A 43 22878
This car has been under a prolonged restoration with three past owners running out of time.  It is now owned by Adrian H-Sawyer in Kemptville, Ontario for the next stage of work before being roadworthy once more.


KA B 13 22905

Owner of this ZB is James Dean.


 KAB 13 22907

This ZB was for sale in 2021


KA PA 23 22976

My car is build in May 1957 and exported to Denmark 14th. of May 57.  First registration 29/6-1957 problably in Copenhagen area as the MG importer (DOMI) had the head office there.  So it is LHD. from new.  Ivory over Black with Maroon trim (interior).  I bought the car in late 1981 and began the restoration same time. Registrated by me 12/6-1985
Jörn Rasmussen


KA TT 43 22988
Named "Geraldine" in honor of her designer. A LHD ZBV originally sold in California, in the hands of David Lively of Sacramento, California from 1983 until 2001; sold to Dewey Davis  of Little Rock Arkansas on 10 December 2001; and to me on 10 June 2002. This car features a 5-main MGB engine,Datsun 280Z 5-speed transmission, and MGB 3.9 rear axle. No longer in its original monotone color scheme, it is now in a correct ivory/autumn red color scheme. Allen Bachelder, New Castle, Virginia, USA.


KA A 13 23011
Very low milage Magnette (3rd owner). Original paintwork,sills and interior,no rust ever real timewarp 25000 miles from new.
Tim Rose, Hampshire


KA B 23 23028
It was first purchased by a lady who lived in Paris. It was first registered in Abingdon and sent over to Paris and was driven by an Aunt of ours who worked for it’s owner, who was an English ex-pat – hence the RHD. It was re-registered in France and as far as I know had French registration plates fitted. When the lady died, my Aunt inherited the car and eventually bought it home to Sidmouth where she was based in the UK. My Aunt wanted to use the car – it was still very serviceable – and so had to register it again for UK use. I recall that she could not get the old UK number back on the car and so was given an ‘M’ suffix plate.
My Dad had his own garage in Staffordshire and was very interested in the car. He asked my Aunt to give him first refusal should she ever wish to part with it and she agreed. I think it was in late 1981 that he eventually purchased the car from her, I do not know how much he paid for it. I was 20 or so at the time and was – as I still am - interested in cars.
I recall the car being in basically very sound condition. I think it needed some welding underneath, but no paint work. As it had been run and used all its life it showed signs of age but nothing serious. We (Dad and I did much of the work on Saturday afternoons together) had new carpets made, they were a good quality ‘wilton’ made by a local coach trimmer. We took off various black painted parts – the airbox etc – and sent them to be stove enamelled. The rear bumper was a bit bent and along with the irons, had to put back into shape, I think it and the front were re-chromed as well. We took the radiator shell to Sheffield to have a dent knocked out and re-plated. All pretty much standard fayre for a car of that era that had been in daily use for 25 years.
I do remember that when I took the carpets out of the boot, the original pressed aluminium number plates (from Abingdon) were sandwiched between the carpet and the sound proofing felt and that they had left an imprint in the carpet. I don’t recall what happened to them.
Dad could not get the original number back from DVLA by then and so found an old Triumph Herald that was a rust bucket and took the number off that. Dad’s name was Neville Taylor.
The photos attached are from June 1982, That is Dad and a very longstanding employee at his garage.  It was a lovely solid car to drive, it had the original radio in it with light and a needle and what felt like damped knobs. It was not concours but it was a lovely clean and honest car to take out on high days and holidays. Dad died in late 1983 we sold the car a man in Cheltenham. David Taylor


KA C 13 23046
Older restoration. Was for sale spring 2002. Now the pride of Barry Alexander, Devizes, UK



Now owned by Paul Evans in California


KATE 43 23080

Restoration project of garon Curtis.


KA BJ 13 23108

1800cc 5 Bearing Engine: 5 Speed Gearbox: Front Disc Brakes: Rear Indicators


KA A 33 23152
Dr. Furnato from Tokyo own this car.


Luxembourg KA L 23 23180
For sale in Luxembourg 2009. Original home-market car


KA A 43 23228
A 1957 ZB. An absolutely rust-free Western car (southern California and Arizona) that was restored with a rebuilt original engine. It has a lower-gear-ratio MGA rear for better highway cruising but it still accelerates nicely.


KA L 43 23244
California car off the road for 18 years. It is in the process of restoration, I hope to sort the mechanicals and get it repainted before too long. I have learned from the website
Rodger Shaver, ID, USA


KA L 43 23247
1957 MG Magnette Street Rod - Mild Custom
Read more....


KA B 23 23256

The previous owner named the car "Princess" - rebuilt circa 2000. Now owned by Margie Rowley.


KA B 43 23266
California Magnette was a light grey, underwent 'restoration' in 70's. Has wires and disks, engine on bench with 1800 head and carbs. Looking for passenger side fender chrome and glove box. Not sure what color it'll be, but not brown or grey ! Lee Brannen,USA


KA BA 13 23317


Sri Lanka KA LD 23 23454
Car was purchased in the UK & taken over to Singapore when the 1st owner was transferred there. He then came over to Sri Lanka in 1972 and brought the car with him. My father bought the car when the owner was returning to the UK in 1978 & was transferred to me in 1997. No non standard modifications. The car is in pretty good shape with all original fittings & used on a regular basis.
Nishad Wijetunga, Sri Lanka


KA LA 43 23463
The car spent almost its entire life in southern California but is now here in Florida.  The body is rust and dent-free but the car needs wiring and a clutch to be back on the road.  Lots of compliments from my neighbors who see it in my garage!  Jim Basque


KA BJ 43 23472
I got lucky. In looking for a parts car I came up with one straighter and more complete than my original.  Plan to make one beauty out of the two.   Gene deRuelle Reno, Nevada


  KA BJ 43 23479
This Magnette was last on the road in 1968 and has less than 35000 original miles. It is a Varitone, and I think its a 1957.  I really looking forward to restoring this car to its former glory.
Gene deRuelle, Reno, Nevada


South Africa KA H 5 23521
No. 354 Motor Assemblies Ltd., Durban, South Africa
Complete restoration July 2010 to July 2011 with the following changes:

- ZB in Varitone look, colors are modern 2 pack from a Mitsubishi Color Chart, wheels powder coated.
- Converted to indicators with period Lucas lights,  in place of the missing trafficators mounting points for safety belts were welded in.
- Engine and drivetrain and brakes are stock, although a 5-speed gearbox conversion is on the cards.
- Handbreak lever moved backwards 4 inches to accommodate longer gear boxes. The cable runs now inside the gearbox tunnel.
- Interior rebuild with leather faced front seats and the rest in matching Vinyl. Non original contrast piping.
- Clock rebuild with Quartz movement, using he original face and housing.
- Period style push-button radio with speakers, hidden under the rear window parcel shelf.
- Conversion to negative earth.
- New tank with increased capacity (52 l) in the original place.
- Spare wheel hidden under the boot floor.

more pictures here... Heinrich Koncki.


KA L 23 23540
The Magnette was restored from a wreck about three years ago. Its an original Canadian import, Left hand Drive. Now fitted with an MGB engine. Brakes take a lot of effort otherwise drives extremely well. I have two other oldtimers here in British Columbia: Riley RME and Jag. E Type Series 1 4.2.   Chris Masterman


KA BJ 13 23633
Bought in Perth in 2006 as fortune improved and as it was licenced, it seemed a good way to get a Magnette to drive in, at short order.
Chris Gray, Perth, Western Australia


KA BA 23636

WDV327 (original regno) has 7 previous owners the last having carried a restoration in 2009. The works were in part reported in Classic Car Mart magazine. First reg. 18/07/1957


KA PC 33 23644
The only car we are aware of in the Dominican Republic. It belongs to Francisco Then Tobal in Sto. Domingo.


KA CC 13 23660
Owned by Dave Newland of Romford, Essex.
Restored between 1996/99 in a lock up garage, and fitted with an MGB engine.


  KA CC 13 23662
This car has been owned by Tim Greg for 3 years now, bought from Phil Hipkiss.Was originally single colour now Varitone. Much mechanical work carried out since. Now it belongs to Barrie Jarvis, Cornwall.


KA CC 33 23704
Owned by Karl Erik Andersson from Romelanda, Sweden.


France KA _ _ 23749

A Magnette under restoration dans la Normandie, Northern France.
Pascal Pignolet


KA TA 13 23788
This shot was taken at the HERO's Third Classic Malts Scottish Reliability Trial in 2000,  showing Denis & Penny Robson in their ZBV. The location is the Inverfarigaig Corkscrew.
Photo by John Brown


KA LA 13 23815
Bought in Luton in 1977 (replacement for KAAB/17664) for £120
and used regularly until the mid '80s when a combination of mechanical
and rot in the usual places obliged me to abandon it in a Welsh barn
when I got a job London. The Pembrokeshire weather has not been kind
to it and sadly and to my shame it is now unrecoverable.
Jeremy Woolley, London


KA PA 43 23864
Current owner Michael Arnold asked the previous owner 20 years ago to sell him this car. Now he bought it.


KA A 23 23871

One of Andy Knights Magnettes in Australa


Seen on ebay in 02/2006


KA A _ 23875
Stuart Batten's Magnette


KA J 23 23887
A '57 ZB used as a daily driver by Paul Lupton in Australia. The picture was taken in Canberra at the flag court of their Federal Parliament grounds.


KA J 23 23889
Was originally grey, but was repainted green when the previous owner undertook refurbishment work several years ago.
Paul Bray, Australia


KA J 23 23891
When I purchased the car, it had a three cylinder Australian Morris Major Elite engine, and a gearbox of unknown MG origin that was not much better (the previous owner had fitted it, as it had a worn out Major Elite gearbox fitted when he bought it. At this stage I intend fitting an 1800cc engine and five speed toyota box, plus rebuilding the diff, front & rear suspension and the steering. (I wonder if this is why it was cheap?) Methew French


KA TE 33 23901
Danish car. Just finished restoration. Only 2 owners. Most everything original, from motor to tool-set. Manumatic later removed. Also belongs to Paul Dalkov


KA BJ 43 23916
This sedan was for sale. Have a look at the website of Marty Ray.This car is now happily owned by Eric Baker of Oakland CA USA


KA BJ 43 23917
It's one of those manumatic Magnettes that haven't been converted-back. Recent barn find, previous owner claimed manumatic worked when parked ;). it has been rolled out of the barn for inspection, usual rust...maybe more, will require much metal fabrication. obvious repaint.
Scott Potter, Texas



KA T 23 23938
This Magnette started life as a  Premier Motors showroom/demonstrator car in 'island green in  September 1957 until it was sold a year later.I bought the car in 1971 for AU$ 60.00 (!) with  99,900 miles on the clock and rusty sills& trunk floor and a holed no.4 piston.
I restored it from 1971 - 1974 fitting a 5 bearing MGB motor, ported head, 25/65 cam & fully balanced with extractor and 4.3:1 MGA diff, stainless steel brake cylinder sleeves, 5.5" wide wheel rims etc. Painted it metallic gunmetal grey and used it as regular every day transport right up to 2004 (30years) including many long trips (one to Tasmania) - still hack it 2-4 days a week. Have replaced all wearing parts at least once ...except diff which is untouched in that time. Fitted brake booster in 1986 & stripped to bare metal & painted 2 pack 'vintage red' in 1989. In 1997, I decided to join Historic Racing car club & explore its potential, lowered 40mm & fitted front 22 mm dia. anti sway bar, with adjustable Pedders shocks, with side exit sports exhaust (sounds fantastic). Have competed each year since then, in at least 15 sprint/hillclimb/track regularity events, placing in class 95% of time, and having great fun, the car is extremely reliable and has turned 6000rpm in top (102mph)- standing 1/4 mile=18sec. Handles very well if a bit heavy, fitted Yokohama 'Advanx' R032 race tyres last year & improved all times 5/6%, but cracked 2 wheels, so have recently fitted 6" wide 'Superlite' cast alloy wheels (look great). Still love the look of the classic ZB Magnette even after 35 years and the sons will inherit it!
George Diggles, Queensland. Australia



KA T 23 23947
Last on the road in 1998 and now need a restoration.


KA T 23 23949

Purchased in 1982 in a crash damaged condition. Totally restored and re-registered in 2004. Modifications include 3.9 Austin Freeway diff, front anti roll bar,air cleaner mod as per register


KA L 23 23955
NGC726 '57 ZB sold 18/7/58 to Ron & Joyce Stenhouse (now aged 80) by Carlisle Motors, Mackay, Queensland, (where I was an apprentice Motor Mechanic). Now back to it's former Glory.Ron donated the original Sales Invoice, Sales Brochure, Service/Instruction book,Warranty /Heater instruction card,Workshop/Parts manual ,original valve radio and the original spare tyre(15 miles use) in the boot. It was the only car Ron never traded on his next purchase. I bought the car in '97.  Col Robinson

NGC726 '57 ZB sold 18/7/58 to Ron & Joyce Stenhouse (now aged 80) by Carlisle Motors, Mackay, Queensland, (where I was an apprentice Motor Mechanic). Now back to it's former Glory.Ron donated the original Sales Invoice, Sales Brochure, Service/Instruction book,Warranty /Heater instruction card,Workshop/Parts manual ,original valve radio and the original spare tyre(15 miles use) in the boot. It was the only car Ron never traded on his next purchase. I bought the car in '97.  Col Robinson



Owned by Daniel Sherrell in Perth since 2002. A previous owner fitted MGA disc brakes and wire wheel hubs



KA L 13  23975
5 former keepers. Vehicle is in good , solid  condition and in everyday use.It was on ebay June 2003, then belonging to Barbara Williams