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A Magnette Tour Around Seattle, Washington, USA

I attended one of our club’s car shows in Port Angeles and on the way home, I was thinking about the Magnette website so I put the camera to work:

The Olympic Peninsula is an incredibly scenic area that is nearly uninhabited. It is the only temperate rain forest in North America, and is a 20 minute ferry ride from my home in the north end of Seattle (Edmonds to Kingston Ferry). Filled with virgin forests and peaks with year round glacier cover, this is what Washington looked like 200 years ago. (just an eye-blink by European standards – before white men in the “new world”). On the western shores of the Peninsula, the rain-fall averages 140”+ per year, yet due to the rain scrubbing effects of the mountains, Sequim gets only 16” per year of rainfall – the same as Tucson Arizona!

Here's a map...

I would be happy to act as a host and/or a tour guide for anyone in the register who may be interested in visiting.
Steve Hanegan KAA41/35361 email:"steve 'at'" 
Our club site: - frequent pictures of the cars ( I have the only running Magnette) and the area.

The first picture is taken at a rest area on the access road to the Dungeness Spit National recreation area (west side of the spit) looking southwest across the strait of Juan de Fuca toward the Olympic mountains in the Olympic National Park (pointing in the direction of Elwha).


O the pier in downtown Port Angeles looking north/north east across the strait. If you could see past the tanker, you would be looking at San Juan Island.

Taken at the tip of Dungeness spit at the trailhead down to the beach (land’s end!!) and is looking north west. If the trees were removed, you would be looking at the tip of Vancouver Island and Victoria British Columbia Canada.


Taken at the entrance to the Dungeness recreation area and is looking due south at the Olympic Mountains (right over the top of McComb Road Nursery)


Ttaken from the same spot only looking west. This shot shows the signage at the entrance to the Dungeness National recreation area and wildlife refuge.


 Ah yes! In the early 1980’s, there was a group of businessmen who decided that they would build a vineyard and bed & breakfast just to the northeast of Sequim (pronounced Skwim). Their idea was to create the children’s movie version of trolls and dragons and wizards as the theme for the B&B. This photo is taken of one of the guardians to the main entry gates! All of the fence posts are great chunks of Douglas Fir (some 5 feet in diameter and 6 to 8 feet tall) carved in the images of trolls! The main gates themselves are cast metal dragons in full flight and the B&B itself is done up to look like a medieval castle.


The B&B itself is done up to look like a medieval castle. This venture failed to get off the ground, and the property was sold on to a family who renamed it “Troll Haven Farms”. Not bad for a private home eh? Now, this is a local curiosity and the focus of many a car club and motorcycle club day drive! The first time I saw it was several years ago on a drive with 45 MGs – we were met with 30 to 40 Harley Davidson Motorcycles coming the other way!

Another picture of one of the other “residents” of this farm…

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