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Farewell to Lou Shorten

The funeral of Lou Shorten took place on Monday 11th May, starting with an assembly of Magnettes at the home of Lou and John in Lenwade. The 12 or so cars formed into a procession behind the hearse and Lou’s family in her beloved YPG 136 (driven by Peter Martin) for the journey of about 10 miles to the crematorium near Norwich, where many others had already gathered.

The small chapel was absolutely packed, with well over 100 people, most of them familiar faces from Register events. We heard moving tributes to Lou from her daughter Judy and other family members, and from Peter on behalf of the Magnette community.

Most of us knew something of how Lou came to start her Magnette parts business, but there were also fascinating details of her earlier life and career in farming, including driving a lorry - she was never restricted by the ‘normal’ occupations for a woman of the time. She was eccentric in the best possible way, always threw herself completely into everything she did, and expected those around her to do the same !

After the funeral nearly everyone returned to Lenwade for refreshment at the Lenwade House Hotel, where Peter Martin and John Shorten recounted further stories of Lou’s life and many glasses were raised in her memory. Although a sad occasion, the day was also an uplifting celebration of a remarkable woman.

text by Stephen Tickell


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