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(7) Peking - Paris - Report 7

or: the mechanical backup teams: a World of experience...

For several days we suffered from a strange problem in the Magnette engine:

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(6) Peking - Paris - Report 6 - Impressions on Iran

Wednesday, October 6th

This is the last of our 3 nights in Iran and each one presented us with new experiences...

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(5) Peking -Paris - report five

or: Vitor and Rudi, with friends like these we have a very good chance of reaching Paris

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(4) Peking - Paris - two days off at Almaty Kazakhstan

On our first day off yesterday (Sunday) we walked leisurely around town, visiting the National Museum, the wooden Cathedral, the famous public baths and Coffeedelia, a famous coffee house with free internet. The weather was fine, sunny and warm. Very pleasant. Check pictures.

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(3) 2010 P2P - Report 3

Here we are again on another rest day. Well, actually two days this time, because not going to Kyrgystan has allowed (forced) the organisers to do so. We are thus spending three nights at the 5-star Almaty Intercontinental in Kazakhstan.

The last six competitive days in Mongolia, from Ulaan Baatar to the border with Russia, were very very tough.