Wiring Diagram ZB Magnette in colour

I don't know if the attached will be of use to anyone.  I am taking on the rewiring job of my ZB MAgnette.   Rather than use the black and white standard wiring diagram I have recreated the diagram in colour.   I have transferred the colours used for the wires onto the black and white diagram.  The diagram is in 2 sections, each section prints off onto a sheet of landscape A4.   Joining the 2 sections together ( and laminating them if needed) gives an A3 sheet with the full coloured wiring diagram on it.   This may be of use to others who are also rewiring their Magnettes.


Magnette Wiring Diagram Rear

Best Regards     Mike Bewick

I have uploaded the full diagrams in Jpeg format onto the web site as instructed.


#1 Ian Williams. 2017-09-02 21:58
Very handy indeed !Far easier to follow than the WSM version too..

Thank Mike

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