Oil Recommendation

August 2011. A recent thread on the MGA forum discussed members' experiences of suitable engine oils currently available. It was interesting to note that most owners are still using 20/50 oil, which remains the best choice for our engines, although it is harder to come by and may need a bit of research to find a convenient source. Mail order is possible now using internet sources, including E-bay.

Interestingly, a significant number of owners reported a preference for Valvoline VR1 20/50, which is aimed at competition use. It has a high level of  ZDDP, a zinc additive used to combat engine wear. One owner also reported that, compared to other oils, VR1 gave him 10psi extra oil pressure when running hot.

The Valvoline brand also received the thumbs-up from Barney Gaylord, the MGA Guru, whose car routinely covers a high mileage. I find his opinions are always backed up by real experiential evidence and sound logic, so his endorsement is, to my mind, very significant.

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