The Original Magnette Dipstick

Magnette owners sometimes have trouble with dipstick readings because the engine has been changed and the wrong dipstick has been left in the engine. This can lead to incorrect oil levels that risk harming the engine. The Magnette dipstick should bottom onto the stop plate in the sump with an audible "clunk". It is possible to check whether the dipstick is correct by checking the position of the Min/Max marks.

I have measured my dipstick, which I believe is correct for the Magnette and arrived at the following:

  • MIN is 50mm from the end
  • MAX is 78mm from the end
  • The top of the tube on the block is 250 mm up the stick.

There should be no stop on the top of the stick - it just drops onto the support bracket. A couple of years ago I fitted a small metal ring and an O ring onto the stick to reduce a small weep on the dipstick. This was mainly caused by excessive block pressure from my old worn engine, now replaced.

I have never checked but I have always believed the MIN to MAX is one quart (2 pints).

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