Fitting the Maniflow Exhaust System to a ZA/ZB

This is the complete system as purchased from Maniflow



Intermediate pipe


Rear pipe

Chrome tail pipe

With the old system and exhaust manifold removed, and the inlet manifold backed off, the new tubular manifold was loosely fitted to the head along with the inlet manifold. Despite the limited clearance it was spot on – right in the middle of the gap between chassis and engine. The downpipe (which has a bend to take it parallel to the floor) was connected to the tubular manifold from under the car. Attached to this pipe was a bracket that is attached to the back of the bellhousing – it was again spot on for that fixing, although a slightly longer bolt due was needed due to the thickness of the clamp.

The third piece ran from the end of the downpipe to the silencer. This had a slight bend at the front end to angle it correctly from nearside to offside and the silencer. We opted to use rubber bobbins to fix the silencer to the floor which were easily fitted with the rear seat squab removed. A little bit of adjustment was needed to get the intermediate pipe as high as possible and this was achieved by rotating it a bit.

The silencer was fitted to the bobbins and then the tail pipe eased over the axle and connected to the back of the silencer.

Finally, the chrome tailpiece was slipped over the end of the pipe and the clamp already fitted round it used to bolt on to the strap at the rear of the car.

Chrome tailpipe – a nice snug fit
Once the system was in the desired place all the clamps were tightened and the inlet-exhaust manifold fixings tightened too.
All in all it took just over two hours to fit and I have to say that it was really easy and a credit to Maniflow. Whilst not cheap, it certainly is a very well-made product.
Once fitted the engine was fired up and it is best described as having a throaty rasp now, but the engine is so much more responsive too.


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