Choice of clutch

Clutches are dimensionally similar and the standard Magnette components will fit all 3 bearing engines.

When fitting the 5 bearing engine use the clutch fitted as standard to that flywheel if you are using the original backplate and the MGB gearbox. This will also bring the advantages of diaphragm springing and lighter action. The clutch cover on the MGB engine is ½” narrower than the Magnette cover. This means that if you use a Magnette back-plate, you also use the Magnette clutch unless you want to modify the release lever fulcrum to take up the lost motion.

Take care when choosing the driven plate as this must fit the splines on the gearbox first motion shaft. Later  engines (1622cc and upwards) use a 23 spline shaft. Take care, also, in fitting it: it will only work one way and new plates are marked to show direction of fit. It is always prudent to mate the engine and gearbox provisionally to ensure that the clutch release is working properly. You should feel it contact the clutch cover early in its travel

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