Heater blower

I read with interest a recent article on the Magnette blower, as mine was useless as well. Rather than a new fan I looked at the dynamics of the blower - well I am a scientist! The fan is of good design but not matched to the housing,
In attached pics you can see dead space below fan and no real cut off at the narrow part of the housing. Air goes round and round and although a good volume of air is moved no real pressure is created, hence it does not
come though slots to demist windscreen.

Pics show the mods I made. Lose dead space by filling with PU foam sheet and put in a wooden profile section to deflect air and create pressure sealed with solvent free gripper fill and one screw to wooden section. Seems to work very well - will now blow paper off the dash and defrost windscreen in minutes. Cost almost nil.

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#1 David Harrison 2016-03-18 14:47
I am having a go at this mod. I have removed everything , but the hamster wheel won't come off the shaft. The nut seems to fit over a split collar, nut is off how do I get the wheel over the collar...I am nervous to use brute force. Also looking for PU sheet that won't crumble too much- I don't want granules coming out of the vents! Florists OASIS can be shaped easily, but is a bit crumbly.
#2 jim langley 2016-04-01 17:47
Very interested in your heater upgrade which seems remarkably simple. I will definitely do this but as a novice do not understand the wood profile bit. Could you clarify this. Many thanks for your assistance.
#3 Mike Laflin 2016-04-26 11:32
I have done a modification similar to this. I used an offcut of thin stainless steel sheet profiled to the shape in Geoff's photographs and bolted to the 3 mounting bolts under the fan with replacement pan head M5 40 mm long stainless bolts to reduce the clearance under the fan to a minimum. It was then sealed around the edge with a small rubber seal, part no.AT 2009 from Seals Direct. I had previously renewed the under dash ducts ensuring there were no kinks. Airflow is greatly improved.
#4 Michael Laflin 2016-11-27 18:00
I have just wired a relay into the original Magnette heater motor 12 volt supply. Amazing improvement in airflow including through the demisting ducts. I don't why I did not think of it before. The other day Sandra and I were out in the Pathfinder and she complained how cold it was with the same heater going. On returning home, I checked the connections and the bullet connectors had corroded only a little, but enough. On cleaning them it improved the airflow greatly, so I thought what about a relay and when I wired one into the circuit, there was an much, much greater improvement. I then did the same with the Magnette.

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