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Register your Magnette

The MG Car Club Magnette Register has details of nearly 2000 Z Magnettes. Sadly, some of these have already been scrapped, but many still live on all kinds of conditions. You can help to keep the register up to date by sending us information about your car

Even if the car has already been scrapped or sold your information will be useful !

Please do not hesitate to send your details via the net. Your data such as address and email will be strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone outside the Register committee - please see our Privacy Policy. If you give us permission to include your car in the website gallery then it will normally appear with just your name and country, but you can request that this information isn't shown

The Chassis no. can be found on a plate in the engine bay near the wiper motor. If in doubt look at this description of how to read the identification plate.

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