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Magnette60 in Australia

At the end of October the MGCCSA celebrated the Magnette 60 birthday at Strathalbyn in South Australia.
Strath 2013 60th   00b  Title  =  The South Australian MG Car Club made a large investment in time, money and effort to host a 60th Anniversary for the MG ZA/ZB Magnette. Shown next to the State's club grill badge is one of four very special Trophies - high lighted with [an image of] the unique 60th Grill badge and feature [manufacturer - Oxford] model of a Magnette.
 Strathalbyn; a small town about 56 Km east of the capital city of Adelaide was selected as the base for this two day [12th and 13th Oct] event. The following text and associated attached images provide more detail. It has to said Strathalbyn would take our breath away with its quality of preservation.
Strath 2013 60th   01b  Friday 11th Oct = Early arrivals at the Strath Motel. Tony Welsh is shown next to his very original ZBV. Tony was one of the prime organizers, actioning amoungst other things: Trophies, Grill badges and limited edition mugs.
Strath 2013 60th   02b   Friday 11th Oct = John Hodder stands next to his well preserved ZA Magnette KAD23/10176. By the attached plaque this car was originally supplied by P & R Williams Pty Ltd of Sydney. He and wife [Trish] traveled from Sydney; Justifiably taking out the trophy for travelling the furthest in the Sunday presentations. 
Strath 2013 60th   03b   Friday 11th Oct = A specially embroidered blanket is a feature of Tony Welsh's back seat. It was removed for a better view [The pet name of the ZBV is highlighted if a close look is taken]
Strath 2013 60th   04b Saturday 12th Oct = Breakfast lineup outside our Cafe. The photo is meant to convey the uniqueness of Strathalbyn's original High Street. The old Commercial street and associated park are also a must to see. 
Strath 2013 60th   05b Saturday 12th Oct = Early morning atmosphere demanded an alternative photo of High street.
Strath 2013 60th   06b Saturday morning registration = Place of registration being the original Strathalbyn School. Here we would receive notes and verbal advice relevant to the weekend. Including specifics of our 117 km tour, incorporating Victor Harbor, that would start at 11.30 am.
 A special grill badge [see trophy for likeness] and great replicas of original advertising was included in our information bags.
Strath 2013 60th   07b Saturday morning registration lineup = Looking from the old school a lineup of Magnettes is coming together. Three more Magnettes are expected. At 11.30 we set off to Victor Harbor hoping to sample one of the famous venison pies sold in the farmers market. Victor harbor is an established tourist bay-side centre. Later on; IE   Saturday night we would go onto a celebratory meal and quiz  in  the Strathalbyn hotel 'Victoria'.
Strath 2013 60th   08b Sunday morning garage visit = Mike Greenwood kindly made available his garage for a view of the ZA Magnette restoration and car collection. Shown is the parking outside Mike's residence'.
Strath 2013 60th   09b Sunday morning garage visit = Here is Mike [centre figure] giving us details on the ZA's progress and special techniques [ such as rotisserie for under floor work]. Impressive is the fact Mike made is own upholstery after learning the skills at night class. ZB owner Kevin Hadnum is closest to the camera [see lower text]
Strath 2013 60th   10b Sunday Winery Tour and Lunch Presentation =   At 11 am we set off for a tour basically around lake Alexandrina and wine district of Langehorne Creek to end up at the Angus Plains Winery
Strath 2013 60th   11b Sunday  Lunch and Presentation = Display of desirable prizes; They are awarded for:
Best ZA; Best ZB; Best Magnette Restoration; and Magnette attending from the further-est place. 
Strath 2013 60th  Sunday  Lunch = This image is of the layout for the meal. The meal tasted beautiful and was of the highest quality. 
Strath 2013 60th   13b Sunday  Lunch and Presentation = Award for the best ZA Magnette was awarded to South Australian Club Member Graham Hamilton [Magnette controls adapted for Graham]
Strath 2013 60th   14b Sunday  Lunch and Presentation = Tony Welsh receiving the trophy for the best ZB on behalf of himself and wife Pauline.
Strath 2013 60th    15b Sunday  Lunch and Presentation = Bruce Bramhill receiving the trophy for Best Restored Magnette from the South Australia Club President.Leyland George
It has to be said the organisers all deserve the recognition for running a very enjoyable 60th Anniversary weekend.
Also special mention to Kevin and Heather Hadnum who went out of their way to meet up, on the way, with Bruce Bramhill and myself to make us feel welcome.
 fom Loz Scott, Geelong  [15/10/2013]
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