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News from La Paz, Mexico

Here in Mexico we have an expression for when a planned activity is met, we say : " A promise is a debt.


After my participation in the 60th Magnette , discuss them we were very motivated to move forward in the presence of GM 's in this beautiful port city of Mexico , well, I have the pleasure to inform you that:

Anticipating a little Auto Old Day ( in Mexico this year was held on Sunday, February 9 ) , with the support of experienced promoter of these events in our city , Mr. Manuel Amarillas, and fellow car owners old , we took on the task of identifying and reuniting owners of old Cars MG and Europeans in this capital city, planning a First Caravan " La Paz- Todos Santos " , same as we had the opportunity to perform on Saturday February 8th . We were a small but enthusiastic group of car owners where MG predominated until then we had identified in our capital city.

Todos Santos is a small village listed by our tourist authorities as " Magic Town " by their traditions and tourist attractions , this city is located 75 Km south of the city of La Paz. We started our journey at around 9 am, and after little more than an hour of travel , the small caravan came to Todos Santos , to immediately send our cars to traditional and emblematic Hotel California (which unconfirmed tradition says that was the inspiration for the famous Eagles song group) , the administrator waiting with reserved parking in front of the Hotel , so over breakfast and lived , our cars were another attraction in the Hotel and in the tourist area of town.
Fortunately a journey was accomplished without a hitch by breakdowns , however , we proactively support with the support of a friend who was outstanding mechanical behavior of our cars all the way . In total a group of 15 people and 6 old cars joined according to the following list :
Luis Benito Ruiz - MG Magnette 1959. Accompanied by his wife .
Moises Scholnyc - . MG , MGB 1980. Accompanied by his wife .
Juan Tapia - . MG Midget 1974. I travel alone.
Francisco Caballero - . MG Midget 1975. Accompanied by his wife .
Jorge Cota - . VW Beetle 1972. Accompanied by two grandchildren.
Victor Granados - . Ford Mustang 1965. Accompanied by his wife .
Roberto González - . Mechanic, accompanied by his wife and son.
In short annex photo report (and a short video that I hope to share on their Facebook page ) , you can see that it lived a good sense of camaraderie among participants, who share as Manuel says , this hobby of "old irons " so much so that it was proposed to repeat next month to another nearby town .
Finally I express my appreciation for the work they do , for their enthusiastic example has been a motivation for us. Friends of the MG Car Club, Magnette Register , your job is already reaching these distant Mexican lands. Greetings from La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico !
  • Arriving in Todos Santos
  • At the starting point
  • Enjoying breakfast at the Restaurante La Coronela Hotel California
  • On the road to Todos Santos
  • Parked in front of the Hotel California
  • The whole group breakfast at Restaurant La Coronela Hotel California