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Barco rescue

On Saturday ist December a rescue team travelled to Bargo, a town about 80km south of Sydney, to rescue some Magnettes from a shed. The cars were part of a deceased estate and they were destined for the crusher after failing to sell on e-bay.

The resue team comprised Magnette owners Peter Baldry, Brian Woolmer, Greg Cleary, John Cunneen and Bruce Ginn.

Bruce had travelled down to the site on the Friday to cut the long overgrown grass just to gain access to the shed which was at the back of a semi rural property. The team started work at about 9am and worked hard in searing heat that eventually reached 39 degrees. They started by demolishing one wall of the shed to gain access to the cars. The floor was covered in coal dust and the team was ever wary of snakes and spiders that might be lurking within.

The cars had been in the shed for nearly 40 years along with other odds and ends and were well and truly buried in the coal dust with flat tyres and frozen wheels. There were 2 Varitones, two ZBs and one ZA. One of the Varitones had been owned by Bruce Ginn 37 years ago.

We were well equipped for the rescue thanks to Bruce Smith of Sportsparts who loaned his 4WD Landcruiser and trailer and Greg Cleary who brought his beaver tailed flat top truck all the way from Wilcannia, complete with 4 Tonne winch and trailer.

By 8pm that night, all 5 cars had been rescued and taken to an industrial property owned by Bob Beer at nearby Douglas Park. All five cars found new homes and it is likely that at least three of them will be totally restored. The others will be used as donor vehicles for existing Magnettes.

Loz Scott of Geelong took a Varitone, Bruce Ginn took the other Varitone, Bob Beer one ZB and Greg Cleary took the rest including two Y type sedan bodies, a Y tourer body and a running Y chassis that we found.

Brian Woolmer
MGCC Limited (Sydney)

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