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Get together to meet Gunter Graskamp at Paul and Sue's house

Words and photos by Loz Scott

I was fortunate enough to meet up with Gunter Graskamp, his partner Anja and Gunter's 20 year old son Alexander on two occasions: On the 18th April at Bruce Bramhill's residence {hope Bruce will provide a photo and some comments} and again on 19th April where Paul and Sue Vermont generously made available their lovely house and invited us to have a get together and spend some time with Gunter, his partner and son.
In brief Gunter Graskamp is having a five week holiday in Australia [only four nights in Victoria] with the prime aim of seeing some of our outback wonders and as time permits catching up with some fellow MG enthusiasts. Gunter is known to many of us as the Internet manager for the [UK MGCC] Magnette and Farina site. Impressively Gunter has been doing this great service for us over 15 years. As you would expect Gunter drives a Magnette [ including to committee meetings - ie Germany to UK!]
Below are some of the pictures [ and a few words] taken at an enjoyable day at Paul and Sue's property.
1  -  The Vermonts have a lovely house in the Warrandyte hills of Melbourne. This is the back of Paul's house looking onto the lawn that's now displaying from Left to Right : Paul and Sue Vermont's ZB; Brian Florrimell's ZB; Loz Scott's ZB and Kevin and Jenny Watt's MK3 Magnette. [Picture taken from balcony] 
2 - Looking  up from the back lawn is the balcony well in use. Additonally, Inside the house are two dining rooms that easily cater for our numbers
3 - lunch was well organised. Shown here from left to right are Paul Vermont, Gunter Graskamp and partner Anja
4 - Photo opportunity to feature our international guests - from left to right are: Paul Vermont, Gunter Graskamp, Brian Florrimell, Anja [forgot to ask for surname], Alexander Graskamp and Dereck Reed.
5 - The all in photo. Spread been the feature Magnettes are 18 us, all enjoying the occasion [ I think about 26 came on the day].
6 - Here is Gunter having a close look at the Watt's concours standard Mk3 Magnette. Paul is inadvertently showing how effective the Magnette T shirts look. [ These are colour coded to your Magnette - Thanks to Barbara & David Overington of the NSW club for this imaginative idea]
Lastly - an appreciative thankyou to the Vermont family and all those that assisted for a great day. This has been a prime chance to meet a fellow enthusiast that has contributed so much
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