17th March 2014

Hello, here am I again! Sorry for the delay in updating this website, but apart from working on another MG-website, I had to set up a new PC-system as my old system was very very old and crashed from time to time. You all know how long it takes, until the new PC looks like your old one, and you have all access and passwords back.

Anyway: we start with a report from Mexico, where our friend Luis Benito does a lot publicity for MG in general and Magnettes in special. Read 2014_03_news_from_LaPaz.

15th March 2014

Colin Goldsworthy has written a very detailed article on repairing the interior clock, which can be found on the technical support website.

Very few cars have an original clock in working condition, and although some owners choose to replace the internals with modern electronics, Colin shows how the electro-mechanical movement can be brought back to life, with patience and a few simple tools. Based on his experience of owning several Magnettes and Wolseleys, the article explains how the clock works, how to take it apart, and common faults.

Stephen Tickell


30th January 2014

Please note that the date for the event at Nuffield Place has changed from 11th to 18th May!
Then there is a new picture on the wedding gallery.
On the right is a MAGNETTE in Portugal, that is undergoing a total restoration, done by Jorge Lino and we welcome Colin Jones and his Magnette on the gallery.

4th January 2014

Welcome in 2014! Hope you are all well and enjoying MAGNETTEissm.
Invitation and information for this years's Z Magnette Day have been added to the Events-page. Hope to see many of you there!

27th December 2013

I hope you all had a nice chrsitmas and got many MG parts for the next season! Here's an update with some new cars on the website gallery. Also a picture that shows, that Magnettes are ideal to move house...











24th December 2013


The MG Car Club Magnette Register wishs you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! looking forward to seeing you at some of our events!

6th December 2013

Another book has been added to our Books-page. It's the 1994 yearbook the Magnette Register printed to commemortae the 40th birthday of the MAGNETTE. It's already some time ago... But Santa Claus brought you this yearbook as pdf to download (for free of course). Enjoy it!
By the way: Santa Claus has changed his deers against a MAGNETTE, because it's much more comfortable even with the original heater.